• Injury Prevention for Runners

    I want to talk about injury prevention, and coping with injuries when they happen. Inevitably, in the life cycle of an athlete an injury will pop up. Unfortunately, most people focus so hard on finding a solution, they fail to ask the most important question. Why did they get injured in the first... View Post
  • Flexibility in Training ?

    Should you have flexibility in your training plan ?  The first step to having successful goals is to set SMART goals.  Make sure the goals you are working towards are SMART. Then realize that perfection is a myth.  As someone who coaches for a living, and has been doing it their entire adult l... View Post
  • Most common food questions?

    What to eat before and after a workout? How to increase muscle mass? How to decrease body fat? What is a macro?  Macros in general: Macros are macronutrients. Your body needs these nutrients in larger amounts in order to function properly as macro means large. In addition, all of these nutrients... View Post