5 Steps to a Stronger Core

5 Steps for a Stronger Core 


Building a Stronger Core can be a scary situation for many people. We all want to tone and lean our abdominal region. While some of us want “chunky” defined abs and others just was a flat stomach… It can be a dicey predicament to build muscle in a weaker area, because done  improperly it could mean “thickening” of the waist. 

In a world of waist trainers, eating disorders, body dysmorphia…. What’s real? Whats dangerous? What’s photoshop? And what’s really fake? 

The biggest thing I hear from women is I don’t want to get bulky…while men it’s I can’t seem to lose the “beer gut” no matter what I do. In a world of drug abuse, lack of education, and all around over sharing of information…. I totally get it!!! It can be confusing and overwhelming figuring out the right “abdominal” workout program. 

Women, let me be the first to tell you - lifting weights won’t make you bulking or “bigger”. In fact lifting weights will prevent depression, osteoporosis, and help you overall have a healthier leaner body. 

Men, you can build abs, and eliminate the gut. Becoming stronger raises testosterone level, decreases body fat, and with consistency can reverse the effects of aging. 

Step 1: Watch what you eat - food is the quickest way to transform your overall appearance. I know of so many people who have worked in the gym for years, but have never leaned out enough to reveal the effects. It can be discouraging and hard to be consistent when you don’t get the visual stimulation of physical changes.  

Step 2: Work your core consistently, body weight exercises and compound lifting movements are enough to activate the core for a flatter tighter abdominal region, but to build a “bulky” “chunky” six pack, most people ( genetically depending ) will have to use weight and resistance, just like training any other muscle. 

Step 3: Be mindful of how you use the weight you are lifting, overworking obliques with heavy weights will broaden the waistline, just like doing heavy compound movements without a proper weightlifting belt. If you want to keep a small waist, then focus on intentionally activating the muscles with lighter targeted exercises. 

Step 4: Stretch. A muscle is built by being torn and rebuilding, to keep a long and lean midsection, make sure your back is flexible. It is also easier to target the “six pack” with a full range of motion movement that activates each section of the “abs”. 

Step 5: Be consistent. You didn’t get to your current situation overnight, and overnight changes will not happen. Give each change in your program a few weeks to help accelerate progress. Give yourself enough grace to enjoy the journey, and don;t beat yourself up for the time it takes to your goal destination. Stressing about it will only boost cortisol levels, which will increase abdominal fat storage!